Through activities and team based competitions, the participants will get to know each other and experience togetherness in a pleasant way. We place great emphasis on collaboration, communication and creativity. Via activities, the participants get a shared positive experience. Our activities call for active participation from everyone and our activities are fun, inclusive, engaging and hopefully a little different.


Frisk Luft has been hosting activities, play and fun since 1998. We fill up our vans with equipment and do activities almost anywhere. Our concepts can be run both indoors and outdoors, for example at hotels, office premises, warehouses, beaches, sports facilities, outdoor areas and on boats. We are very flexible and adapt to the amount of available space, how much time we have and can carry out most of our activities regardless of the weather and season. We are based in Stavanger/Sola, but host team building activities throughout the country.



We provide both pre-made concepts and customized activities. Some of out most popular concepts are:

Suitcase curling, ski shooting, and giant ring games are some of the exercises you get to try out. These are simple and fun tasks that are guaranteed to bring out the competitive instinct and smile in the participants. Everyone gets to try out all the exercises.

This is an entertainment concept that goes very well with the aperitif before dinner. The group is divided into 2 classes that compete against each other in different "subjects". It includes a music quiz and a picture quiz (bit by bit, picture by picture).

A creative team-building game where you use the immediate area. The teams are equipped with a mobile phone and given tasks such as quizzes, riddles and photo assignments. The best pictures will be shown at the award ceremony, preferably during the dinner.

These are 3 examples of what we can offer. We have many other activities and can of course also tailor programs according to wishes and needs.


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"What a great evening we had. It was incredibly well executed and we talk very warmly about it at work. We achieved what we had hoped for: we broke boundaries. We have brought forward some new stars and we now have departments that "talk" to each other. Incredibly fun!!!!!

Ailin Strand, Rica Airport Hotel

"The gathering was a huge success - several people said it was the best team building they had experienced! Both the painting activities and the "Back to school" concept have been praised through the roof. Thank you again for making this a memorable gathering!

Linda Opsahl, Erueka Pumps AS